Richard Neutra

Richard Neutra was a draftsman for Frank Lloyd Wright at Taliesin East. He went on to be Wright’s contemporary and rival in the Modernist movement. That rivalry had to be exacerbated when Edgar Kaufmann, for whom Wright had designed and built Fallingwater, chose Neutra to design his winter house in the desert Southwest. Here’s a good […]

Scary architecture

Back to my old hometown of Buffalo.  I never got to see this while I was there (never got to that part of town) — but what a treasure it is!  HH Richardson, one of Louis Sullivan’s architectural contemporaries, designed this state insane asylum in 1870, and therefore very likely never foresaw its strong potential as a […]

Louis Sullivan is back!

I learned about the great American architect Louis Sullivan through my readings about Frank Lloyd Wright (he was a mentor to FLW) and by living in Buffalo, where his landmark Guaranty Building stands. Sullivan was an interesting character — achieving great fame as one of the fathers of the modern skyscraper, then ending his career […]

My first post on architecture

This is one of the areas I’m least qualified to opine upon. That won’t stop me. I’ll open by showing perhaps my favorite building of all time — a building that no longer exists. The Larkin Administration Building, built for the Larkin Soap Company,  stood in my former hometown of Buffalo, New York, from the early […]