You! Start treating people better right now!

As I’ve increasingly published my thoughts about the proper way, the moral way, to treat the people we’re privileged to lead, I’ve seen an interesting phenomenon among some of those who agree with me. They’re waiting for someone else to do something about it. Look at the comments to this LinkedIn post by Caroline Fairchild, […]

God bless freelance journalist Tim Phillips

We could use a whole lot more people pointing out to folks that repeating business-trendy malapropisms not only doesn’t make you seem smart, but makes you appear at once idiotic and unoriginal. Tim Phillips does his part with this article.  Well done, sir. My latest object of corporate-speak hatred is the use of ask as […]

Remembering Biff

I have to admit I felt a bit funny traveling to my hometown for the funeral of a friend I knew for over thirty years, Mark “Biff” Fitting.  After all, it’s not like we were an everyday part of each other’s lives.  I worked for him for a couple summers in the early ’80s, and […]

The latest corporate-speak atrocity

Why do people think using ask as a noun (“The ask from the executives is for us to do our freakin’ jobs”) makes them look smart?  Because it doesn’t.  In fact, quite the opposite.  Please help.

Corporate language and the aargh factor

I’ve had a long hate affair with the brutalization of English that takes place daily in our corporate environs. Today was an extreme.  It started innocently enough, with the word breakthrough showing up in a presentation as a verb.  Folks, when two words are combined into one like that, it’s never a verb — it’s […]