#BestAdvice: Scouting – an update

Three years ago, LinkedIn invited articles featuring the author’s best advice (hence the hashtag). I was just re-reading the one I published there (on 2/15/15), and decided to re-publish it here on my blog, with an update, because it’s even better advice today in my opinion. Here’s my #BestAdvice: Several years ago I had the […]

Spend your time on what’s important to you, and ignore the jerks

Caroline Fairchild, Senior News Editor at LinkedIn, shared this article by her friend Dan Lyons about the burgeoning culture of overwork in Silicon Valley, with her own questions for her readers about workplace expectations and hours worked. It struck me as cognitive dissonance that in the nerve center of technology, which should be liberating us […]

A hometown manufacturing success story

To those who poo-poo the notion of a manufacturing renaissance in the USA, I give you Bob Jacquart and the Stormy Kromer. Bob’s dad ran the tiny little local fabric and sewing shop in my hometown of Ironwood, Michigan. Bob took it over many years ago and steadily expanded it into a full-fledged sewing factory. […]

“Make friends with pain, and you will never be alone.”

That headline is a quote from Ken Chlouber, Colorado miner and creator of the Leadville Trail 100 ultramarathon. You don’t need to run an ultramarathon. You don’t even really need to make pain your friend. Almost all of us, though, could stand to become a bit (or perhaps a lot) more comfortable with discomfort. I […]

Be prepared

I’m not sure why this story from four years ago is still rattling loudly around in my mind. It’s probably because I have two sons about the same ages as the boys in this tragedy, and we spend a fair amount of time in the woods ourselves. It’s an awful story. There are lots of things out there that can […]

Beautiful scene

A couple weekends back in Brown County, Indiana — perfect camping weather!

Teddy Roosevelt, my newest hero, and his creation of a monster

I got into a stretch this summer of reading about African big game hunting from back in the days of the colonial safari.  One of the several books I read was President Theodore Roosevelt’s African Game Trails. For the longest time I’ve had a dislike of our 26th president, since I’d read amply about his role […]

Some pictures of the boys

We’ve had some fun and nice weather the past few weeks.  The boys posed for their cousin Nate outside the garage a couple weekends ago: The same weekend, we went out for a hike in a park down by the river where they’re tearing down the old train trestle.  The boys were brave enough to walk […]

The great outdoors

The family is fresh back from a long weekend of camping up near Mellen, Wisconsin. The boys threw rocks in the lake and burned a whole bunch of stuff. We all did some mondo hiking at Copper Falls State Park and some paddleboating and swimming at our home away from home, Wildwood Haven Resort and […]

A cool place to stay

I travel to little Richland Center, Wisconsin, a good bit for business.  It’s in the southwest corner of the state — a little-known area of the ancient Ocooch Mountain range, which are now forested rocky hills cut through by streams.  The area is more technically known as the Driftless Region (referring to its getting a pass from glaciation […]