The straight dope about the Chevy Vega

Here’s an excellent blog post about the car my gorgeous girlfriend back in the ’80s drove — she was smokin’, and so was  her car.  I’d heard the thing had plastic cylinder sleeves, which caused it to burn oil.  Turns out that was kind of a common misconception — the cylinders’ linings were actually nearly pure silicon […]

These people should be hung from a lamppost

The ones who’ve brought us a minivan commercial featuring Judas Priest’s “The Hellion,” that is. Dont’ get me wrong.  With all the drivel on TV, I welcome hearing KK Downing and Glenn Tipton’s guitars screaming at me from my set.  But for a minivan? And what’s with the chinless androgyne who is apparently, to the […]

Thank you, Charles

Note:  I wrote this almost a year ago, for a newsletter I used to publish.  It seems a good time to revisit it. CHARLES ALBERT WELCH, JULY 4, 1943 — OCTOBER 10, 2009 Your Extreme Editor Says Goodbye To His Father-in-Law I won’t try to tell you all that much about Charles Welch.  He loved […]

Station wagons — oh, yeah!

Ever since I suffered through a serious inferiority complex driving my dad’s ’80 (if I recall correctly) Pontiac Catalina Safari wagon in high school, I’ve dreamed of having a totally tricked-out station wagon I could use to blow the smug muscle car dudes away. Along those lines, here’s a great Wired bit on their top 12 wagons of all time.  […]