Ever since I suffered through a serious inferiority complex driving my dad’s ’80 (if I recall correctly) Pontiac Catalina Safari wagon in high school, I’ve dreamed of having a totally tricked-out station wagon I could use to blow the smug muscle car dudes away.

Along those lines, here’s a great Wired bit on their top 12 wagons of all time.  For the record, the Chevy Nomad (I prefer the ’56) has always been on my list too.  (The ’57 is a beaut, too — and I love the house their picture shows!  Anyone recognize it?)


Really, though, I think it’s incumbent on my gearhead brother Rich to find a Catalina Safari like Dad’s and totally muscle it up for me.

1980 Pontiac Catalina Safari

Rich also owes me a tastefully rebuilt early ’70s Toyota FJ-40 Landcruiser too, so he’s gonna be a busy fella.