Marathon training: now it’s serious

We’re getting into the big miles now. A couple weeks ago, I set yet another treadmill record — 15 miles. That’s a long run made longer by doing it on the treadmill. But it was snowing that day and the roads were icy, so it was the way to go. Then the weather finally started […]

Marathon training update

A new record for the treadmill — 11 miles.  It wasn’t as boring as I’d feared it would be, which makes me feel a lot better about the even longer workouts to come.

Ripped and righteous? Me?

Well, yes on the righteous part; and maybe a little bit on the ripped part. But honestly, I don’t work out so I can think I’m better than other people, and I’m guessing Jack LaLanne didn’t either.  So I think this article is a big fat bunch of hooey.  I’ve had enough experience with letting […]

The next challenge

This weekend I signed up for the Cellcom Green Bay Marathon, happening on May 15.  I’ve been on an official training program for two weeks now, and today I broke a new personal record for length of a run on the treadmill.  (Nine miles.)  I’ll be blasting through a few more of those before the […]

Some more materials science coolness

Carbon fiber bicycle rims have been around for a while now — but they’ve always been a challenge for braking, since they don’t offer the same “grab” from standard rubber brake pads as the old aluminum alloy rims do. So these cats at a company called Zircotec came up with a sprayed-on ceramic coating that […]

Pictures from the marathon

Thanks to my sister-in-law Theresa, I have a few pictures to share from my big day. The first is at the starting line with my niece and nephew, Lauren and Nate, who ran a two-man relay.  The last is once again with those two after we’d all finished, joined by Bug and The Reverend Doctor Vinoski Sweetness.

Post-marathon thoughts #2

Turns out I placed 69th overall, 63rd among all men, and 10th in the 45-49 age group.  Works for me. Here’s the music that featured in the “iPod in my head” while I ran: As an interesting aside, for all the age groups younger than mine other than the youngest, my time would’ve had me […]

Post-marathon thoughts

We stayed in my hometown near the marathon finish an extra day to have some time with my parents (and so I could get over some of the soreness before spending hours cooped up in the car for the drive home!) Today up there dawned bright and crisp, 57 degrees with 75% humidity, with a […]

And the actual marathon time: 4:04

Here’s what I learned yesterday:  marathons hurt. Okay, so I won’t bore you with all the gory details.  I’ll just say that my hopes for a nice crisp day were dashed; while it wasn’t hot, it was near 100% humidity and 70 degrees at the start, and up past 80 degrees with 75 percent humidity […]

Marathon time

Today was my last run before Saturday’s big one.  Lemme tell ya, two miles sure doesn’t seem like much of anything anymore! So I’ve got pluses and minuses going into the race.  Minus:  the weather forecast has taken a turn for the worse, and I now expect extreme humidity and slightly higher temperatures than earlier […]