Mies: a book review

I just finished Franz Schulze’s Mies van der Rohe:  A Critical Biography.  It’s a fascinating book that delivers on its title’s promise:  telling the basic story of Mies’s life, and offering what I assume is expert opinions on the quality of his work.  I come away able to talk with your average man about the […]

Book review: building bridges

Last year my brother John gave me a copy of David McCullough’s The Great Bridge:  The Epic Story of the Building of the Brooklyn Bridge, which I finished some months back. It was a smashing good book in many ways.  McCullough is a superb popular historian, following finely in the footsteps of his predecessor Cornelius Ryan in […]

A great article on innovation

I’m going to have to check out Steven Johnson’s books — if they’re anything like as good as his Wall Street Journal article, “The Genius of the Tinkerer,” I’m in for some great reading.  I sure didn’t know this, for example: More recently, a graduate student named Brent Constantz, working on a Ph.D. that explored […]


Today that momentous day officially becomes another year distant in history. The Longest Day by Cornelius Ryan is a fine book on the subject — and is particularly good in its “books on tape” version. As an aside, two of the decisive machines of that day were the Higgins boat (officially, the Landing Craft, Vehicle, […]

First book post

It’s a worthy book for the first book post for sure:  The Lone Survivor by Marcus Luttrell.  It tells the story of a four-man recon/sniper team of Navy SEALs that went on a mission in Afghanistan — and only one came back alive.  Along the way you learn about how these amazing young men become […]