Hate breeds hate

I posted a comment regarding immigration in response to a recent LinkedIn article, the meat of which is this: I’m willing to bet that most people would agree that well-integrated migrants can be a boon. Unfortunately, we now have to overcome a justifiable anger resulting from the long years of contempt our elites have shown […]

This is probably much more effective at retaining customers than anything the Columbia Record Club did

“Do not stop taking Xarelto without consulting the doctor who prescribed it, as this will increase the risk of stroke.”

“Enlightened” bosses — making folks miserable in the manufacturing world and the military alike

I found this blog post at chrishernandezauthor.com causing me some serious deja vu as I read it. His description of the top-down safety stupidity he saw practiced in the National Guard and the active-duty Army sounded a lot like many Continuous Improvement tools/activities/practices I’ve witnessed in the manufacturing world. They share a few characteristics.  Despite being […]

A couple of good links from “Smartbrief on Leadership”

The first one tells how Newegg led by example by winning in court against a patent troll trying to steal their profits with bogus patent infringement claims. The second one has some excellent guidance from a Navy SEAL on using lessons from their world for effective business leadership.

Alan Greenspan: an icon of hubris

I’m about to finish Alan Greenspan’s book, The Age of Turbulence. The pivotal moment in the book is about halfway through when he declares that he had decided to add economic growth to the Fed’s responsibilities. It was at that point that he jettisoned once and for all whatever tenuous threads that remained of his free-market […]

Fran Tarkenton’s defense of David and Charles Koch

Here is a spirited defense of the much-maligned Koch brothers and Koch Industries by Hall of Fame NFL quarterback Fran Tarkenton. Tarkenton correctly points out the destructive, poisonous political source of the attacks on the Kochs.  Because the Kochs stand in the way of the left’s demolishing of America’s free enterprise system in favor of […]

Robots and useful work

This is an interesting article about a new breakthrough in easy-to-use industrial robots. The author correctly calls out the possible threat to workers doing the jobs today this robot might do in the future.  But he and his commenters miss much and get much wrong. They brush on, but largely miss, that we’ve priced our […]

Great advice

File this one in the drawer for “excellent ideas — but much easier said than done (not that that’s any excuse).”

The colossal failure of our elite… and others

I just yesterday came across an article that represents sweet vindication.  I’ve long felt that we’re saddled with a generation of “leaders” who are horrendously entitled and overconfident, who have no track record of actual accomplishment or success, yet who expect ever greater power and reward.  Where it comes to the products of our elite […]

CSR and ideological conformity

I couldn’t help but be vexed and frustrated by the hullaballoo over a single message on a bag sold by Lululemon, a purveyor of yoga-oriented soft goods.  The message was “Who is John Galt?”  Some of you may recognize it from Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged. And the wails that one item has raised!  The New […]