Wow, has it really been since December that I’ve posted anything?  Since my last post I started a new job in a new field in a new state, so things have been a bit busy.

It’s been a real lesson in how well my basic leadership philosophy would stand up to some serious tests and trials:  in just a few words, very well indeed.  More about that later.

I’ve finished a great many books in that time — my wife and I invested in Kindle Fires before all the move stuff started, and that’s been a godsend.  More on that later as well — for now I’ll just say one quick thing about progressive hero Teddy Roosevelt, whose African hunting safari book I’m just now finishing:  dude was a badass killing machine.

The fam and I also invested this summer in a very nice pop-up camper, in which we’ve had several wonderful trips already.  Here’s the whole rig with the boys showing it off, in Champaign, Illinois:  home of REO Speedwagon, of course.

It’s good to be back!  More to come soon.