Today at the barber shop my older son Johnny Shizzle-Cakes invented a football kind of game you play on a checkerboard.

That got me thinking about the vibrating football game we had when I was a kid in the ’70s.  Were those things the worst or what?  You always had the linebackers who would lock arms and go in circles together.  And remember the quarterbacks?  You had the magnetic “ball” that you flung across the field with the spring-loaded throwing arm, hoping the “ball” might somehow stick to the base of one of your players, and that he might actually head in the right direction.  And not hit a “dead zone” of non-vibrating field.  Even if he kept moving, plays took about a half hour each.

They actually still make those things.  Seriously — see below.  How do they sell ’em anymore with all the computer games today?

Power Pro Electric Football Game