This is a very interesting article, about the recent evolution vs. creation debate between Bill Nye (the Science Guy) and Ken Ham, who built the Creation Museum just down the road from me.

On the one hand, it gave me a fresh dollop of respect for Nye, who has struck me as completely batty with regard to climate change.  It’s deeply impressive any time somebody shows the wherewithal to engage in a public debate.

On the other hand, it only reinforced my belief that we have very few real scientists anymore, and few people who get what science is.  The last couple lines of the article say it all:

 The debate with Nye “has drawn countless believers and unbelievers alike to consider the Creation Museum’s teachings about the true history of the universe,” wrote an AIG staffer after the debate.

For mainstream scientists, it’s a terrifying thought.

The notion that people might consider the alternative to unchallenged “science,” or that scientists might actually have to defend their findings, is “terrifying?”  What the hell do they think they’re supposed to do?  Dictate their beliefs to everybody, completely unchallenged?

I’ve long adhered to Karl Popper’s definition of science:  it begins with a theory that can be shown to be false through some test or other.  Then it’s actually tested.  Over and over.  The more tests it passed, the better a theory it is.  And pretty much nothing is ever certain.

Climate change is the perfect example of non-science.  I’ve never heard a single way of testing it.  Indeed, its adherents mainly grab “evidence” post hoc — lots of storms?  Climate change.  Cold winter?  Climate change.  Hot summer?  Climate change.  Drought?  Climate change.  Heavy rains?  Climate change.  What a sweet gig.  But it sure ain’t science.  Indeed, all the talk of “established consensus” and “the debate is over” is a dead giveaway that it’s metaphysics, not science.  It’s a faith thing, a pseudo-religion.

Now, back to the Nye-Ham debate.  I’m glad it happened, but Ham isn’t a scientist either — he says there’s nothing that would change his opinion.  That’s metaphysics.  That being said, it’s refreshing to see someone actually defend a scientific theory, instead of trying to bully people into buying it.

But if Nye would apply the same standard he’s grabbed with regard to evolution, and apply it to everything he calls science — especially climate change — then he just might become a real scientist.