I’m a “novitiate” in the Boy Scouts of America Wood Badge advanced leadership course. Six weeks ago I finished the “practical phase” of the program, which consisted of two separate, very intense, 3-day weekends of training. At the very end of the second weekend, our Course Director Brent Loudin wrapped it up with his message that our success with the boys in our charge came down to one concept: “lead from the heart.”

Three weeks ago I happened across this article, which centers around this premise: “The best way of influencing human beings to excel in their jobs is to intentionally and positively affect their hearts.”

A couple weeks ago I attended diversity and inclusion training at my company. I went in very dubious, since so much that goes by that label is based on the same “in-group” and “out-group” evil that has forever bedeviled mankind (only with different “ins” and “outs” than before). But instead I was treated to a program that, in its essence, delivered the message that it was all about taking great effort to make everyone feel welcome and valued, and it came right down to the same “lead from the heart” concept.

Coincidence? The Baader-Meinhoff phenomenon? Divine providence? (I favor that last one…)