God bless Army Captain Tom Harrison

I’m happy the medals got there while he could still appreciate them. Thanks for your service, Capt. Harrison.

Stupid criticisms of Robert Falcon Scott, part 2

Jim Collins of Good To Great fame jumps into the dump-on-Scott bandwagon with a really poor reading of history. In his new book, Collins comes up with a new thesis as to why some companies do better than others:  because they’re like Roald Amundsen and they deliver consistent positive results at a given level, year […]

Stupid criticisms of Robert Falcon Scott, part 1

In this article, innovation author Robert F. Brands uses the story of the race to the South Pole to draw lessons about best practices and innovation. I’m in complete agreement with the ideas he’s trying to reinforce, that the best innovation combines the use of best practices and new ideas.  Good messages, though, are no […]

God bless our soldiers

There are no thanks enough for the brave ones we honor today, those who “gave the last full measure of devotion.” When I read Flags Of Our Fathers years ago, I took it as my tribute to them all to memorize the names of the men in the famous Joe Rosenthal photo of the flag-raising on […]

More real heroes

The US Navy will christen the guided missile destroyer USS Michael Murphy today.  Navy SEAL Lt. Michael Murphy commanded a four-man squad in Afghanistan on a mission to find a Taliban commander.  As told by fellow SEAL Marcus Luttrell in Lone Survivor:  The Eyewitness Account of Operation Redwing and the Lost Heroes of SEAL Team […]

Real heroes

This is a great article about who we should hold up as examples for our kids.  Kudos to the SEALs on a job well done.

Welcome home, soldier — and thank you

There just aren’t enough thanks for your sacrifice, Sgt. Shue.  And I’m glad you finally made it home.

God bless you, George Vujnovich

Mr. Vujnovich received the Bronze Star today for the single biggest rescue of US servicemen ever — and it happened in WWII.  Vujnovich, who is 95, led the OSS’s Halyard Mission to rescue more than 500 downed airmen, all shot down over Serbia while on bombing raids targeting the German oilfields in Romania. And God […]