Aluminum Overcast — God bless the boys who flew in these things

The lads and I had the amazing opportunity today to tour the IEAA’s air-worthy B-17, Aluminum Overcast.  I’ve been a fan of this particular bird since I was around the age of my older son, yet this is the first time I’ve gotten to go inside one. I don’t know how those guys did what […]

Manly repairs

We finally got into our own house a month ago, after renting a less-than-comfortable place ever since we moved last January.  And since we got into the new place, it’s been one home project after another (in between bouts of emptying boxes, hauling boxes and paper away, and moving stuff around to set up). There’s […]

One screaming need for good dads…

…is to keep their teen daughters from going to prom dressed like hookers. An old college pal of mine just posted his daughter’s pre-prom pictures, of her and her friends.  Their attire was disgusting. I have neither teens nor daughters.  But I can emphatically state that if I did, one of mine would never leave […]

Teddy Roosevelt, my newest hero, and his creation of a monster

I got into a stretch this summer of reading about African big game hunting from back in the days of the colonial safari.  One of the several books I read was President Theodore Roosevelt’s African Game Trails. For the longest time I’ve had a dislike of our 26th president, since I’d read amply about his role […]

Physical strength, yes — plus pain

There’s been a thread going around some of my favorite sites about whether physical strength is the most important thing.  I like the answer given here by Jim Tynan — he hits on a number of points I thoroughly agree with.  But I think there’s another key component to the equation. My buddy Dan came up […]

God bless Army Captain Tom Harrison

I’m happy the medals got there while he could still appreciate them. Thanks for your service, Capt. Harrison.

Stupid criticisms of Robert Falcon Scott, part 2

Jim Collins of Good To Great fame jumps into the dump-on-Scott bandwagon with a really poor reading of history. In his new book, Collins comes up with a new thesis as to why some companies do better than others:  because they’re like Roald Amundsen and they deliver consistent positive results at a given level, year […]

Stupid criticisms of Robert Falcon Scott, part 1

In this article, innovation author Robert F. Brands uses the story of the race to the South Pole to draw lessons about best practices and innovation. I’m in complete agreement with the ideas he’s trying to reinforce, that the best innovation combines the use of best practices and new ideas.  Good messages, though, are no […]

Remembering Biff

I have to admit I felt a bit funny traveling to my hometown for the funeral of a friend I knew for over thirty years, Mark “Biff” Fitting.  After all, it’s not like we were an everyday part of each other’s lives.  I worked for him for a couple summers in the early ’80s, and […]

I just got an e-mail from a Canadian named Vlad

He’s a recruiter wanting to place me in an exciting new job.  But that’s neither here nor there. He’s a Canadian.  Named Vlad.  It’s at once exhilirating and contradictory. I may change my name to Vlad.