One screaming need for good dads…

…is to keep their teen daughters from going to prom dressed like hookers. An old college pal of mine just posted his daughter’s pre-prom pictures, of her and her friends.  Their attire was disgusting. I have neither teens nor daughters.  But I can emphatically state that if I did, one of mine would never leave […]

Beautiful scene

A couple weekends back in Brown County, Indiana — perfect camping weather!

Johnny Shizzle-Cakes, then and now

Hard to believe the fatty fat fat fat baby below turned into the skinny Cub Scout farther down.

Some pictures of the boys

We’ve had some fun and nice weather the past few weeks.  The boys posed for their cousin Nate outside the garage a couple weekends ago: The same weekend, we went out for a hike in a park down by the river where they’re tearing down the old train trestle.  The boys were brave enough to walk […]

The great outdoors

The family is fresh back from a long weekend of camping up near Mellen, Wisconsin. The boys threw rocks in the lake and burned a whole bunch of stuff. We all did some mondo hiking at Copper Falls State Park and some paddleboating and swimming at our home away from home, Wildwood Haven Resort and […]

Youthful wisdom

My younger son Bug has taken to telling people “You’re stupid!” when he gets angry lately.  He did it to me in the car the other day when he didn’t get his way about going into one of the places we stopped.  Since I was driving, I was restricted to making it very clear by my […]

The savage beatings my boys and I share — they’re good for them!

I loved this article.  Turns out little boys need to hammer on each other and their parents. Fortunately, The Reverend Doctor Vinoski Sweetness, Bug and I are way ahead of the game here.  “Meting out some punishment” and “savage beating” are regular phrases for us.  My boys think little of unleashing a storm of pummeling […]

I miss Miss ViVi

My wife is on an emergency visit to her family after her little brother was hit by the truck he was working on the other night.  This is the same brother who’s suffered not just one, but two brain tumors.  Goes by the nickname “Lucky.” Anyway, sometime early this morning my younger son Bug woke […]

Bug’s chocolate coma

The picture speaks for itself.

My son is pretty darned smart

The Reverend Doctor Vinoski Sweetness is six. I’ve known for a while that he has a knack for geography.  So out of the blue on Saturday I asked him where the temple of Angkor Wat is. RDVS:  “Japan?  China?  Malaysia?  Russia?  Kenya?” Me:  “Hold on, you were going good there — stick to Asia.” RDVS:  […]